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While we flex to your hiring processes, we get the best results when working in partnership with our clients. The IT specialists we connect with are in short supply and the qualities that make them suitable for a role aren’t easily defined in a requirements list.

So, you need a recruitment partner who can refine your unique value proposition to meet the market. Additionally, you need a team on your side that can find, screen and select people with the right technical skills, industry knowledge, and human qualities. We’re your people.


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Over the past 15 years, we’ve partnered with organisations from a range of industries, including:

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Sourcing, screening and selection are time-intensive tasks that underpin your ability to hire well.

We undertake a rigorous pre-placement process, capturing all the necessary details so you can hold a successful interview.

We are well-positioned to source the ideal candidate due to the quality of our connections. Our extensive and pre-vetted database ensures we can source effectively, and we regularly source candidates with skill sets considered hard to find.


Once we have a long list of suitable talent, our Engagement Specialists start screening. During this process, they use criteria defined with you during initial conversations.

In most cases, your Connections Partner then conducts an internal interview. They use this opportunity to cross-examine early findings and explore behavioural competencies further. Then, depending on the role requirements, we may conduct relevant assessments.

Our pre-placement recruitment method is subject to regular review. The aim is to continually improve our practice and provide a dependable recruitment arm for your organisation.

Our Contractor Care Program for our contingent workforce is a large part of our business’s ongoing success. We share a duty of care with clients for our contractors. So, we conduct regular client satisfaction surveys to see how the program, project, or work is going.

Our team also ask for feedback on how your contractors are performing. Connections Partners meet with contractors regularly. These meetings allow our contractors to share their experiences and give us a chance to track performance measures set with you.

With timely information, we can proactively ensure the placement is successful. Moreover, we can address any concerns before they become an issue.

In addition to regular check-ins, we also seek to ensure our contractors have a safe working environment. As such, we coordinate site inspections with your team and organise contractor training where helpful.

Above all, we’re committed to ensuring our contractors, employees, and visitors remain free from risk to their health and safety at work.

As an employer of contractors, you also benefit from this commitment. We manage all aspects of safety compliance for your contingent workforce.

Our Workplace Health and Safety Management System for contractors comprises:

  • Site inspection before contract commencement
  • Contractor training before going on-site
  • WHS meetings throughout the contract duration

In addition, we employ a dedicated WHS Advisor that our clients and contractors can contact for advice and support.

The most challenging part of managing a contract workforce is staying up-to-date as legislation shifts. We also handle this for our clients, taking prompt action to ensure our procedures reflect any changes.

Our payroll service gives you peace of mind. The Finance Team collect, review, record and action timesheets through Astute Payroll. Astute is a modern, cloud-based system that’s easy for anybody to use.

New contractors, in particular, are often unfamiliar with SAP Fieldglass and other Vendor Management Systems (VMS) or timesheeting systems. So, the Finance Team provide easy onboarding instructions to help them navigate new terrain.

After a contractor submits a timesheet, our finance officers have checks and balances in place to ensure a prompt turnaround. They also provide exceptional customer support. If you care for people as our team do, you can quickly step into their shoes and understand the impact of getting paid on time!

Our ultimate goal is to make payroll reliable and straightforward, so our clients and contractors can get on with the job.

We provide issue resolution and incident management services to our clients and contractors throughout a contract.

Our HR specialists can assist with workplace disputes, contract issues, performance management or anything between.

Fortunately, these instances are infrequent. But, as a client or contractor, if you experience an issue, you know you can call us.

Under the Immigration Act, we’re obliged to verify a candidate’s right to work. We take this responsibility seriously.

Hence, we have a strict Right to Work Verification Policy to ensure compliance. In addition, an audit of the process is carried out in the first month of every quarter (January, April, July, October).

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