About us.

We connect tech and digital professionals to opportunities that help them grow throughout their careers.

Who we are.

As an Australian, privately-owned IT recruiter with over 15 years of experience, we’re attuned to what it takes to thrive in this industry.

Operating chiefly from our head office in Brisbane CBD and our central Canberra office, we have extensive experience sourcing all types of IT, tech, and digital roles. 

Our recruitment processes, refined over many years, enable us to consistently find skilled candidates regionally or in urban areas throughout Australia.​

You can rely on our understanding of talent acquisition and the IT industry.

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If there’s a role out there for you, we’ve got it. Organisations of all sizes trust us to source the best IT talent in Australia.
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With experienced connections across industries and tech stacks, we know someone who fits your role.


Our people deliver informed advice to job seekers and employers and match skilled people to rewarding roles.

Mel and AJ walk down 316 Adelaide Street, Brisbane, the home of Exclaim IT.

A transformative approach to recruitment.

Our business structure is relatively unique in the industry. Unlike other agencies, we don’t employ 360-degree recruitment consultants. Instead of having one person juggle the needs of clients, contractors, and jobseekers, we split the role.

Our Connections Partners support employers, and our dedicated Engagement Specialists help job seekers find their next opportunity. We call this a 180-degree recruitment model.

It allows everyone in our team to focus on what they do best and means we can provide a tailored and high-quality service.

Our service principles.

Whether you’re an IT leader, developer, maintainer or user – you’re the future of tech. So, we focus on you as someone who is growing and evolving just as the technical landscape around us does. Here’s what we mean when we refer to delivering a people-first recruitment experience:

Before we speak, we listen.

Recruitment isn’t just about placing you in a job or finding a candidate who matches a set of requirements. It’s about creating opportunities for IT and business professionals to connect with the right people and expand their careers.

Before we can make the right connection, we need to understand your unique situation, which takes a listening ear.

When we speak, we tell the truth.

We value relationships above transactions; transparency, hard work and care over smoke and mirrors or quick wins.

This isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve been growing and evolving in the recruitment industry for 15 years. In that time, we’ve learnt a lot about what it takes to succeed in IT and what makes a successful tech or digital team.

However, we also know from experience how quickly the world can change and how much we don’t yet know.

So, we don’t offer cookie-cutter advice, and we don’t assume. Instead, we seek to understand your needs, applying our industry insight to deliver a relevant and valuable service.

We’re high-spirited, energetic and fun-loving because these are the qualities it takes to thrive in our industry.

But we take what we do seriously and work hard, overcoming obstacles along the way to get the best result.

At the heart of everything we do is the care factor. We care enough to keep going and enjoy managing all the moving parts.

Jenny from Exclaim IT talking to a candidate on her mobile, sitting at a desk with a planter box behind her.

Accreditation & panel membership.

As an APSCo member, we’re committed to a stringent Code of Conduct, which stipulates that all members must represent the best interests of their clients by acting as an effective extension of their contract and recruitment function.

CCIQ is the gateway between Queensland ICT suppliers and government and private organisations. Exclaim IT has held QAssure accreditation since its inception in 2014.

We’ve been Local Buy accredited for over five years. Local Buy is the Queensland local government procurement agency established by the Local Government Association of Queensland.

Exclaim IT is on the panel as a preferred supplier of temporary and contracted workers to the Queensland Government.

In the commercial space, panel arrangments are less prevalent than in government. We’re party to numerous talent supply arrangements with our private clients and remain in good standing due to our ability to consistently deliver.

Having completed a Business Verification Review (BVR) through Certex and an Employment Practices Review with Employsure, we operate according to ISO 9001:2000. 

Insights into a dynamic hiring market.

It’s a question that’s currently ricocheting throughout the IT industry: “Will AI replace software engineers?” While

If you’re in charge of hiring people in a tech-adjacent area, chances are you’ll find yourself

Setting aside time to regularly review your current skillset is always a smart career planning exercise.

As an agency dedicated to IT recruitment with decades in the industry, we see many tech

Deciding between permanent and IT contracting positions can be fraught with checks and balances. The comforting

Rely on our experience

We’ll help you find your next team member or opportunity.


Exclaim IT was founded in 2006 in Brisbane after Paul Dunn and Glenn Chaffey identified a significant gap in the recruitment landscape. The pair recognised that the recruitment industry was built around transactional dealings rather than a strategic partnership.

Under a transactional model, the service recruiters provided was impersonal and led to sub-par outcomes for employers and job seekers. So, Paul and Glenn decided to combine their extensive knowledge of the IT market and go out on their own to build the kind of service they would want to receive.

They knew that if they focused on building relationships and understood their customers’ needs, they could stand out from competitors, grow and continually flourish.

Our clients span a range of industries, including:

  • Construction, mining, and resources
  • Banking, finance, and insurance
  • Local, State, and Federal Government Organisations
  • Government Owned Corporations
  • Software, web and multimedia development
  • Utilities, energy, and infrastructure
  • Utilities, energy, and infrastructure
  • Defence
  • Manufacturing
  • Health

Exclaim IT is not your average recruiter, so we don’t provide an average experience.

If you’re a job seeker, you can rest assured that we (at least conceptually!) understand what you do for a living.

We specialise in IT, tech and digital, immersing ourselves in this space so that we can help you put your best foot forward. We hire people you can trust and who will communicate with you effectively every step of the way.

If you’re moving into contract work, we’ll explain the ins and outs and keep you posted about new opportunities each time your contract is nearing a close.

If you’re an employer, we’ll put the effort in to understand your organisation’s unique needs and environment, as well as any role requirements. A good recruiter does more than save you sourcing time. They find the new team member you didn’t know you needed.

A recruiter worth their weight in gold understands which IT skills are transferable and how hiring someone with an adjacent skill might help you deliver project outcomes more quickly and effectively.

At all times, we aim to be exceptional at what we do so you can be too.